Control Pilot

A head-up display (HUD) for the Control Room of RME TotalMix.

ControlPilot - OSC Control Room for RME TotalMix

Streamline RME TotalMix’s Control Room. Here’s what ControlPilot does:

  • ControlPilot displays changes Control Room settings: Main and Phones Volumes & Mutes, Speaker B, Dim, Mono, Talkback, External In, Mute FX, Mute Groups.
  • The HUD is not clickable and has adjustable transparency and timeout. And if it’s still in your way, it can fade while you hover with your mouse pointer.
  • ControlPilot also has user-definable global keyboard shortcuts for all of the settings it can display.
  • ControlPilot has an Automatic Talkback feature, it follows DAW Transport state: STOP – open, PLAY/REC – closed.
  • Mute-Groups can be automatically switched to follow DAW Transport state. Automate a listenback mic or zero-latency monitoring!

Whether you operate monitoring control directly from Totalmix’s window, from an ARC USB, Babyface or any MIDI-Controller, or from ControlPilot’s keyboard shortcuts, you need to somehow see what you effectively do. Sure, you could leave TotalMix’s window open and visible, but that uses a lot of screen space.

💡 ControlPilot’s HUD display never gets in your way. It shows only shortly what you need to see and when you need to see it, without taking mouse or keyboard focus.

Here’s a screencast video that shows what ControlPilot does:

Introducing ControlPilot for TotalMix FX

NEW: Control TotalMix Mute Groups from Transport Status!

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System requirements:

macOS 10.15 / macOS 11  / macOS 12, Intel & Apple silicon

RME-branded Audio-Interface with TotalMix FX installed

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