KeyScope - Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Use any key on your keyboard as a hotkey, but all keys are available in text fields.

Build unique hotkey actions for Pro Tools.

KeyScope does 3 things:

  • Run powerful, configurable user-interface commands, like button clicks and menu selections, from keyboard shortcuts.
  • Any key-modifier combination is possible, even single keys. KeyScope takes care that those keys are available in any text-related focus, so you can type text in text fields as usual!
  • KeyScope can also proceed the same text-related focus state to Keyboard Maestro, so you can use all your macros with single keys with great flexibility and speed, while still being able to type in text fields.

New: The actions in KeyScope include things you can‘t do satisfactory with Pro Tools’ own shortcuts or Keyboard Maestro or other any tool I know. Among the possible hotkey-assignable GUI actions are:

  • Render, Analyze and Preview of focused or named Audiosuite window, with optional fixing of preferred input, output, handles & preset settings.
  • Open, Bypass or Deactivate Insert, Output or Send windows, on named or currently selected Track.
  • Show / Hide automation lanes
  • Solo Clear
  • Automation window commands (Preview, Punch, Write to selection, …)
  • Copy selection timecode start / end / length as Text to Clipboard.
  • many more …

KeyScope can build action commands for any app, but it has special knowledge of things in Pro Tools. While it can work with other apps, your mileage may vary.

KeyScope is still in development. Release in 2023. Shoot me an Email if you want to participate in the Beta process.

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