KeyScope - Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Use any key as shortcut in the Edit Window.

Scope switching utility for Keyboard Maestro: A dedicated Macro group in Keyboard Maestro can be toggled on and off, based on focus state of the Edit window. This works in a similar way to Pro Tools‘ own “Commands Keyboard Focus” and enables to have custom shortcuts with endless possibilites.

The clue is, those keyboard shortcuts can also be single keys. This can make a real speed advantage. Well, ok, what does the app do? It tracks focus of the Edit Window so you keep having those single keys available in all of Pro Tools’ text fields.

The scope switching happens extremely fast, unlike with other solutions that use very fast, unlike Applescript or Osascript.

KeyScope is still in development. Release in 2022. Shoot me an Email if you want to participate in the Beta process.