ControlPilot 2 beta 11: New feature “Flip width”

I have added a new monitoring feature called Flip with. You can now choose a Playback Channel and invert it’s stereo width by keyboard command. While not being a TotalMix Control Room feature, I felt that it matches nicely into the scope of ControlPilot.


  • Go to ControlPilot menu > Shortcuts, select a channel for “Flip width” from the drop-down menu. These channels are from TotalMix’s Software Playback row, which have a width control.
  • Next, choose a keyboard trigger for “Flip width”.
  • You can now toggle Flip Width with your chosen Shortcut trigger. While active, ControlPilot’s Overlay will show the flipped width value in red. (Usually, on a monitoring channel, you will have width at 100%, so it will show -100% while active.)