KeyScope - Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Custom Keyboard Commands Focus for Pro Tools

Use any key on your keyboard as a hotkey, but all keys are available in text fields.

Build unique hotkey actions for Pro Tools.

KeyScope description

  • Convert user-interface commands, like button clicks, menu selections, mouse click and copy field values into Actions that can be run from keyboard shortcuts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be a key with any modifier-key combination, including just a single key. KeyScope takes care that those keys are available in any text-related focus, so you can type text in text fields as usual!
  • KeyScope is scriptable: Trigger any of the Actions. Returns state or a copied value. Use cases can be, for example, Stream Deck buttons or a Keyboard Maestro macro.
  • KeyScope can also proceed the same text-related focus state to Keyboard Maestro, so you can use all your KM macros with single keys with great flexibility and speed, while still being able to type in text fields.

Action types (for Pro Tools)

  • Render, Analyze and Preview of focused or named Audiosuite window, with optional fixing of preferred input, output, handles & preset settings.
  • Open, Bypass or Deactivate Insert, Output or Send windows, on named or currently selected Track.
  • Show / Hide automation lanes
  • Solo Clear
  • Automation window commands (Preview, Punch, Write to selection, …)
  • Copy selection timecode start / end / length as Text to Clipboard.
  • many more …

Maybe you ask, what is so different; we could automate mouse clicks since a long time, with scripts and productivity tools. The answer is, in many cases KeyScope manages to push a uniquely identified button, instead of clicking blindly on a coordinate. And that’s happening faster and more reliable than a script. Even more, when a button or window has moved on screen, KeyScope will find that button still. If the concerning window is closed, it can open it.


Keyscope will just be visible as a small menu bar icon most of the time. New actions are build by selecting the UI element with the mouse cursor. The action configuration is done in the Action Editor window:

ActionEditor Example:
This is the list and detail view of User Interface action assignable to
Keyboard hotkeys for Pro Tools

KeyScope can build action commands for any app, but it has special knowledge of Pro Tools’ User Interface, i.e. its UI structure. While it can and does work with many other apps, your mileage may vary.

Start using KeyScope

Minimum macOS version: 10.15 (Catalina)

Pro Tools is a registered trademark of Avid Technology International

Keyboard Maestro is a registered trademark of Stairways Software Pty Ltd