MIDI Setup for Automation

This page describes two methods for ControlPilot to get DAW Transport Status via MIDI, to use as a trigger for Automation. The setup process needs to be done only once. Usage of Pro Tools is exemplary.

MIDI Beat Clock

This method is suitable for transmitting Transport PLAY and STOP. It doesn’t account for RECORD status. This is fine for Auto-Talk.

Most DAWs can send MIDI Beat Clock.

Pro Tools MIDI Clock

Select menu Setup > MIDI > MIDI Beat Clock:

Checkmark “Control Pilot In”

That’s it!

M-Audio Keyboard Controller

This Controller Protocol, also known as DirectLink or HyperControl, is more versatile and can transmit all Transport states (Stop/Play/Record). It’s needed for Auto-Mute for Mute Group, and Auto-Talk will work too.

Pro Tools Input Devices

Select menu Setup > MIDI > MIDI Input Devices:

Checkmark “Control Pilot Out”

Pro Tools Peripherals MIDI Controllers

Next, select Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers:

Choose Type: “M-Audio Keyboard”, Receive: “Control Pilot Out”, Send: “Control Pilot In”, Chs: “8”