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A wireless, flexible Talkback Button for iOS devices.

Latch, Toggle or Hybrid button behavior.

Turn any iOS device into an ad-hoc wireless Talkback button. Without installing hardware or cables. Very handy if you need a second button for another person e.g. director, producer, artists.

Remote control RME TotalMix Talkback button, connected via WiFi with OSC networking. Other applications are possible.

Talk Button for OSC- No WiFi connection
Talk Button for OSC- connected - Talkback Off
Talk Button for OSC - connected - Talkback On

The purpose of Talk Button is simple: To have a huge tap-button on the screen, ready all the time. Put it on your desk and tap during a whole recording session, whenever you need. It does not deactivate or screen-lock until you deactivate the app.

The Hybrid button behavior is a smart combination of a latching and toggling switch: Tap shortly to switch the state, ON or OFF. Tap long to switch ON, then OFF when released. It’s very intuitive.

There are a few other OSC apps for iOS. Most have many options to remote control different parameters, UI options etc. Talk Button is concentrated on controlling a Talkback function as easy and user-friendly as possible.

See here TalkButton in action.

System requirements:

  • iOS / iPadOS 14.4 or later
  • OSC-capable Client device or application, WiFI connected

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